Beauty is health

We all dream of being beautiful, one way or another. But what is beauty? Botticelli has different beauty standards than Rubens or Matisse. Does the beauty lie in the eyes of the beholder? Is there a standard for beauty? Let this dispute for the aesthetes or philosophers. It might be difficult or impossible to define beauty, but we all recognize it when we see it. It is like a personal “hallo”, a radiant skin, a curling of the hair, a sparkle in the eyes, a graceful movement of the body. Some are lucky due to their good genetic inheritance: beautiful features and a perfect metabolism. But others worked hard their entire life to be beautiful and took great care of their body.

Being beautiful may be achieved if taking care of your body and mind becomes the project of your life.
Because beauty is not all about vanity. Beauty also means health. Beauty means energy. Beauty is the capacity to achieve your own psychical and intellectual potential. Being more than a gift, beauty is our own achievement; it is our way of life.
Even if the genes did not favor us, it is in our power to improve what we are and slow down our biological clock.

Being beautiful is up to you!

Author: Luciana Stanciu