The effects of the massage at Orhideea Spa

We continue our article series about spa therapies and massage with a post signed by one of our beloved guests. Irina Tudor visited us last year, for the very first time. She confessed she knew exactly what she was looking for; her expectations were high as well as her emotions. We invite you to read more about her first massage experience and how Orhideea Spa became her oasis of indulgence and relaxation..

"The unexpected pleasant experience offered by the largest Spa in Bucharest, determined me to share the story of the most pleasant massage I have ever tried.

My first visit to a real Spa was in Cancun, Mexico. It happened in December: sun, warm weather, sea breeze, fine sands. It was a late, lazy afternoon when I chose to try a volcano stones massage in the spa situated in our luxury hotel. I found myself walking into a sanctuary of relaxation, the music was very low and, in the massage room, an artificial river was crossing over the wooden floor. The clear sound of the water and the scented candles combined with the warmth of the stones and the towels made me feel so special.

Since then, I’ve been keeping this experience in my mind, being almost certain that I would never find it again when I would return home. It remained there, in my visual memory and I could smell it and feel it on my skin, over and over again. But, at the beginning of the next year, I found that a new spa opened in Bucharest, while yet, there are so few of them in our country. Moreover, Orhideea Spa was very close to my office. I even found the volcano stones therapy in the menu. The name was slightly different: Aroma Stone Massage.

Without hesitation, I made a reservation at the largest Spa in Bucharest, as they used to advertise. I was interested more about the quality and not so much about the quantity. I never dreamed to find the same warm atmosphere with low music and tantalizing scents and with the same ritual : the massage starts by covering your feet with a hot towel and by massaging them and it ends the same way. For those with back pain problems – and unfortunately I am one of them – the warmth of the volcano stones is extremely comforting. I don’t want to spoil your surprise by telling you about the whole procedure, you must first try it.

Today, when I write this article and when more than one year have passed since this massage, I have tried almost all therapies - body , facial or spa rituals. I’d like to try them all, but there are so many new things at Orhideea Spa, like: honey detox massage, relaxing massage in the salt room or the exfoliating therapy “Organic Body Scrub”. I also recommend you the chocolate ritual “Chocolate Sensations” and the wine ritual “Wine Spirit of the Spa”. You can have those therapies when a dear person is next to you in this massage room specially designed for couples.

I’ve tried a little bit of everything and I’ve always wanted to come here more often. Whenever I have a spare moment I rush to Orhideea Spa and take advantage of the numerous facilities here. Very often, I take my children with me so that we can enjoy the oasis together as they have a designated area for the little ones.

I was convinced that for the team of Orhideea Spa quality is their main concern. If it happens to be the largest Spa in Bucharest, I guess they have to thank the contractor for what they have created. But I thank them for making my life more beautiful exactly as I was hoping, deep down my soul.

About the other facilities, like the indoor swimming pool or the fitness area, I’ll tell you another time, soon."

Author: Irina Tudor