We feel our bodies, we take care of them and we thank them for being such good hosts for our souls. We see to that they are clean, smell good, look good; we recharge them with energy so that we start over and over again our daily journey to life.

When we are young we feel full of strength, when we have a healthy body we have the energy to accomplish our daily tasks. We take care of our exterior by neglecting our interior. We forget that this very interior is the driving force of our life. We take good care of our body and we feel beautiful only because the others think so. We forget that we do not respect our body, that sometimes we have a painful relationship with it. We do not offer it our entire affection and, at a certain time, we try to “fix” it like a broken watch. When we get up in the morning, we should thank our body, feel it, take good care of it and treat it just like an expensive piece of machinery. Despite all that, it is amazing how people try to repair the slightest problem of this machinery by themselves and they only go to a doctor when they have to or it is too late, hoping that science and medicines will compensate for their ignorance. We are so oblivious of what we can touch and see. We are oblivious of our mysterious interior, our mind and our emotions. Only few of us offer a moment for themselves, just a few minutes, no more. And during that time we should close our eyes and look inside, trying to put some order and listen carefully to our inner voice. Listening to our body and understanding its rhythm, we come in harmony with the nature and purge all that is bad or unnatural from our minds.

If we stopped for a moment and listen, we would discover completely new things about us. If we slowed down the rhythm, we would be fascinated by the fact that we forget how to keep up with our inner rhythm and that we let life control our own rhythm. If looked in a mirror and asked: “How do I feel? What am I thinking about?” we wouldn’t neglect so much our inner life. But we don’t do that because no one told us how to listen to our thoughts and emotions so that we live in harmony with them; we don’t do that because in this moment of reflection we must face the truth about us and we don’t like this because sometimes the truth hurts. We can face only a part of the truth about us, about the people around us, about life, in general. What we cannot face, we choose to ignore, to avoid or to deny. And thus we become a deposit of untold truths and thoughts, unshared emotions, repressed feelings. And we keep them in there, in some remote corner of our soul, until they become toxins. And we keep them in silence and in oblivion until they began to poison our existence. The sad thing is that we don’t even know about it. We live with them in a sad convenience and we don’t understand why we are so unhappy.

We seldom realize that our heart is in pain, that every day we accumulate frustration, envy, hate, anger, fears, disappointment, discontentment. We never wonder what happens with our feelings. We never wonder why we experience certain feelings, how we assimilate them, what we do with them, how we should manage them. We do not care if our experiences leave traces behind, if our soul gets hurt and if so, what happens with the scars that resonate in our memories. We don’t want to know if oblivion or ignorance is a pertinent solution to solve our conflicts.
Thousands of thoughts pass through our mind every day so we take it for granted if we are tormented. We never wonder if this is our natural state or if we can bring order into this chaos.
Our interior conflicts tear us apart, our dramas make us suffer and yet we never wonder if this is not the result of our own choices. We always find excuses and explanations, while the void gets bigger inside us.
The opinions of others intoxicate our mind and we never have our own opinions, not even about our own person. We let ourselves consumed by negative thoughts and blame anything but our own negligence, ignorance or self-sufficiency.

In our world we must be able to face the stress in order to survive. We no longer use our arms to do our jobs, but our minds so we need a sharp, clear, focused mind, with no other negative influences. Time is not our ally so we must enjoy every moment we spend with the loved ones. The frantic rhythm and the challenges of everyday life no longer allow us to be engaged in conflicts therefore we must be able to negotiate our discontents. We won’t get too many chances to open our souls and bond in a true relationship with others as they are, just like us, prisoners of their own life and we can rarely find that open door to their universe. If we want to succeed we need to communicate more with less, we need to learn to be true in a relationship, to know ourselves so that we know what to offer, what are our expectations so that we know what to expect. Time is running so fast that we need to adapt on the go and to evolve. It is our only chance and we cannot afford to waste it. We cannot be the prisoners of our own limitations, we cannot let others decide for us, we cannot waist our potential or wait for a second chance.

In our world we can no longer tolerate the emotional poison. Slowly but surely this poison is going to slow us down and we could end by giving up our life for it. We must not neglect our interior by wearing the mask of apparent contentment because, in the end, we end up by being hurt. We take all the stress and tension in our life for granted. We actually like to say “I’m just stressed, everybody does these days!” and we say it almost as an excuse for the emotional discomfort which is more and more present and which we persistently chose to ignore by our erratic behavior and uncontrolled emotions. And if this stress does not ring any alarm, then our deteriorating health should do. When the emotional toxin began to affect our organs, when our pain becomes palpable, we don’t have any other choice but to react. That moment we ask for help, it’s easier that way... once again we do not take action and we shift responsibility from us to the others and once we do that we even try to blame others for this situation which sometimes is irreversible.

What would our lives look like if we included emotional detox in our daily routine? What would it be like if we were always careful about the food we offered to our mind and soul? What would we feel like if we slept at night with a soul free of worries and unsolved disputes, how would it be like if our soul got enough time to rest, just like our body, if we looked inside us just like we used to look at our exterior and if we tried to put some order into it? What would it be like if we stopped from running and offered a moment of pleasure, relaxation and tenderness for our body and mind, trying to find that fascinating harmony that defines our state of feeling perfect?

We can all answer these questions after we spend a moment with us. Then, with love and kindness, we should offer ourselves the first treat!

Author: Aniela MINU