How to buy

1. See

First of all, come and see our project and choose one of the available apartments. If you are busy and you want to take your wife with you, we are here until 20:00 or even on Sunday, between 11:00 and 18:00.

Contact us at 021-5696 555 or 0758.11.88.11 or leave us your number and we'll call you back.

2. Negotiate

We have an attractive offer from UniCredit Tiriac Bank - EURIBOR + 4.75% p.a

Either you pay by cash or by credit, every client has different options. We understand you and we are flexible with payment schedule and financing options. We assist you in applying for a loan and we are able to suggest several banks for your needs. We also have some special offers for you. Together we can negotiate the terms of our agreement so that both parties are satisfied.

3. Sign the papers

After settling down the terms of our agreement, we sign a pre-agreement where we establish when the payment is done and when the final agreement will be signed. This is a necessary step so that our financing institution accepts to sell the apartment.

4. Get ready to move!

It won't take you long to get through these easy three steps. Running water, heating, electricity, cable and internet are already functional. Your neighbors already moved in and you can get to know each other. After we sign the contract and you make the payment, you can move into your apartment.

Two years guarantee

Your apartment is guaranteed for 2 years; we will be inside the residential complex and you can count on us. Although the Orhideea Gardens Residential Complex was thoroughly build and finished, it is a common thing for small defects to appear. We will try to our best to solve these defects and offer you all necessary support.