Location, Access and Parking


Orhideea Health & Spa is located at the ground floor inside Orhideea Residence complex within Orhideea Gardens.
Our address: Bucharest, Calea Plevnei 145B
Phone: +4
E-mail:    info@orhideeaspa.ro


Access inside Orhideea Gardens is subject to local regulations.
Millennium Tour, which operates Orhideea Health & Spa is a distinct company from Orhideea Gardens which is the owner of all access ways and parking spaces. Car traffic inside the complex is subject to applicable laws for public roads.


The parking inside Orhideea Spa costs 2 lei / hour, first hour is free of charge. Please do not let valuable items or personal belonging inside the care. Millennium Tour or Orhideea Gardens cannot be made responsible for any damage/loss produced to your car.