Personal Trainer Passes

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Training exercises under the guidance of a personal trainer. The package includes monitoring progress, body weight and individual diet prescription. The personalized sport package has the advantage of deepening the techniques and exercise for people who want to achieve better performance in this area. This pass should be activated within 3 months of purchase and used in less than 2 months.
  • Effective time: 12 hours
Members price: 200 euro / person
Non-members price: 230 euro / person
  • Effective time: 60 min
Members price: 20 euro / person
Non-members price: 23 euro / person
Andrei Pavelescu - Fitness instructor

Primii ani de școală coincid cu începuturile unei activități sportive pe care nu a întrerupt-o deloc.Fotbalul a fost sportul căruia i-a dedicat mai mult de 15 ani, de la junior la Sportul Studențesc și component al lotului național de juniori la fotbalist profesionist la Steaua București.

Pasiunea pentru sport și-a desăvârșit-o ca absolvent al Academiei de Educație Fizică și Sport – ANEFS București și al unui masterat în management și marketing sportiv la aceeași Academie.

S-a alăturat echipei de la Orhideea Spa în 2015 din dorința de a împărtăși din experiența personală acumulată ca sportiv de performanță și absolvent al studiilor universitare în domeniu și crede, cu tărie, că poți obține rezultate în viața personală și profesională doar practicând o activitate fizică regulată și sub îndrumarea unui profesionist.


- 2015 – present: Fitness instructor, Orhideea Spa, Bucharest

Andrei Roman - personal trainer

As an ex performance athlete, he advices everyone to live a healthy lifestyle and practice all kind of sports depending on their physical capabilities and state of health.

Ex member at the Junior Rugby National Team and at Dinamo Bucuresti Rugby Team - seniors. Multiple rugby champion and national rugby vice-champion.

Professional Training:
  • He graduated the “Aurel Vlaicu” National College, sports discipline, with a Sports Instructor degree
  • He graduated “Vasile Alecsandri” University, with a bachelor degree in Physical Education and Sports
  • Graduate Student at “Vasile Alecsandri” University, Fitness and Bodybuilding discipline.


"I like to tell everyone whom I am working with that discipline, perseverance and hard work are the qualities needed to obtain visible results in the shortest amount of time."


- May 2011 – present: Fitness instructor at Orhideea Spa, Bucharest

Corvin Petrescu - personal trainer

His passion for sports began early, while being in high school. As a member of a local boxing team in his native town of Rimnicu Valcea, he took part in several national and international competitions.

During those four years he took training to the next level. His dedication as a performance athlete and his combat training and practice proved to be very helpful while he served in the military where he was in charge of physical training of soldiers in his unit.

After all this training and hardworking, it was time for a new carrier in fitness, cross fit and functional training. He also graduated the classes for fitness instructor and personal trainer at ABC Fitness in Bucharest.

All those years of experience make him a disciplined and demanding trainer who encourages his clients to work hard, get excellent results and set new goals, according to their target.

Excellence is a habit.

Sorin Gatea - personal trainer

My experience as an athlete taught me to work hard, to compete and to play fair. After graduating the National Institute for Sport and Physical Education, I became a professional trainer. Thus I learned to help others who are in need of a training partner because it is only with the right support of a partner or a team that one can truly achieve his goals.

Training is the way to success. The trainer is the shadow partner for each performer. Let’s find together the true measure of your performance!