Swimming passes

  • » Each level may be different from a similar level. The complexity of exercises is adapted to fit the students’ ability to sustain effort.
  • » After a lesson is started, the exercises and rhythm can be adjusted depending on the physical strength of the student.
  • » Any lessons can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the students.
  • » Some times, the students may take a little longer than usual to build comfort in the water, depending on their age.

Level 1 - Initiation

Pass no. 1 - goals:

  • building comfort in the water
  • going under water
  • initiation into Crawl technique using a floating support or any other kind of help
  • initiation into legs movement for Back stroke technique using different helping
  • leg coordination in Crawl + berating
  • initiation: arms movement for Crawl
  • initiation: Back stroke, complete technique (arms and legs movement)
  • jumping into the water

Pass no. 2 - goals:

  • consolidating Crawl and Back stroke technique
  • initiation: legs movement for Breast stroke technique
  • initiation: arms movement for Breast stroke technique
  • consolidating arms movement for Breast stroke + legs movement for Crawl
  • complete consolidation of Breast stroke technique

Level 2 - Medium / Consolidation

Pass no. 3 - goals:

  • consolidating the Crawl, Back and Breast stroke techniques
  • initiation: legs movement for Butterfly stroke
  • arm coordination in breast stroke and leg coordination in Butterfly stroke
  • waving in Butterfly stroke
  • gliding in Butterfly stroke
  • initiation: Butterfly stroke technique (arms and legs movement)
  • improve effort resistance

Level 3 - Advanced / Intensive practice

Pass no. 4 - goals:

  • perfecting previously learned techniques
  • alternate and complementary exercises
  • exercises addressing various problems (back pains etc.)
  • training for an harmonious body development