Vichy Shower

Duş Vichy

The Vichy shower is very popular service in many Spas around the world. It helps reducing the stress, it improves blood and lymph circulation, it hydrates the skin and it is a perfect way for you to relax.

NEW Body Scrub in Vichy Shower

This therapeutic treatment combines the volcanic moor mud with the Vichy Shower calming effect.

  • Effective time: 30 min
  • Price without member card: 125 lei
  • Price with member card: 88 lei
NEW Aromatic Moor Massage in Vichy Shower

All steps of this therapy take place on the Vichy Shower spa table: the full body exfoliation, shower rinsing, hydro-massage and skin hydration.

  • Effective time: 50 min
  • Price without member card: 160 lei
  • Price with member card: 112 lei

* Prices include access to Tepidarium and Relaxing Area, showers, lockers. The towels, slippers and gowns are provided free of charge.
** In the Relaxing Area water and fruits are free of charge.